Meet the Design Team!

Kim Bush, Owner
Hi!  My name is Kim B and I am the owner of Cutters Creek.  I started crafting as a child making macramé plant holders for my mom when I was a little girl.  I also used to make clothes for my Barbie and learned to crochet.   Any kid’s crafting item on the market I so wanted for Christmas and/or my birthday and I so wanted my mom to buy these for me (she did).  I scrapbooked as a teen, however hated that within a couple years my items would turn yellow and fall out of my book and stopped scrapbooking out of frustration and moved on to needle point and cross stitching.  As an adult I would cross stitch and read during the summer and crochet and read during the winter.  Then in 2005, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I decided that although I was always an awesome picture taker and always kept up on my photo albums, my children did not really have that “piece of me” and the memories that I thought should be told.  So reenter scrapbooking, and checking out how the craft had evolved and “oh, wow” my heart just skipped a beat.  So many changes and so many colors and so many cool tools!  I bought my first scrapbooking kit from QVC and I was in love.  I found my first “lesson” from Creative Memories and am so grateful for that, and attended my first crop and learned all about the new techniques.  What I learned from Creative Memories was there was no right or wrong way to scrapbook, it was your way.  I quickly learned I was “rouge” and wanted to scrap my way and wanted to be so creative and this was not the Creative Memory way (so sorry, I am not a “triangle” girl).  So, I jumped out of my comfort zone and decided to buy my first Cricut in 2008.  I wanted to go beyond the tried and true and be more creative and after a lot of researching, I decided the Expression was the machine to have and that I needed the “big boy” as everyone who bought the little Cricut most times than not, upgraded very quickly.  Did you know I cut stuff with this first machine every night for six months? And I became so in love with scrapbooking and my Cricut that my heart just sang again (and now I own way more than one machine)!  So here I am so in love with this old/new craft, and what did I do?  I became an owner of an online scrapbook store and have not looked back!  I believe that we will never stop taking pictures, however we need to get those pictures off of our computers and cameras and tell our stories.  I want my future generations to know me and my family.  I want to make a mark in my life, however small, because I am not a remarkable person however I have lived a remarkable life.

Deanna M., Head Design Team Leader
Hi my name is Deanna. I have been crafty most of my life and learned to knit, crotchet and sew from my grandmother. I still knit on occasion but never really got into crocheting and I rarely sew anymore. I also did tole painting for a few years. I got into paper crafting after falling in love with the Cricut Expression on the Infomercials. I talked my husband into letting me get one and told him I would make cards with it and I haven't looked back.That was Valentine's Day in 2009, I now own the Expression, Imagine and the Gypsy and really have a lot of fun creating and designing my cards. I am not a scrapbooker and haven't done any scrapbooking yet, not to say that I won't one of these days. In addition to cards, I enjoy making gift items and home decor items. I love using glitter and glitz on my cards. The sparkly the better. I work full time for a local county government and been with the county 27 years. I have been married 23 years and have two kids, a son 21 and daughter 16.

Fran Baker
I am 64 years old and married to my best friend. I have 4 grandsons (13, 10, 3, 1). I'm retired and that's when my paper crafting days began. I began using my computer as my main tool to make paper crafts. I love drawing my own templates for gift bags and boxes. In 2008 I bought a Cricut die cutter and became hooked. Then I started making my own greeting cards and now most of my crafting time goes to making cards. I never dreamed that I would love something as much as I love making cards.

Mindy R.
I enjoy all types of paper crafting, but mainly card making. My favorite tools are stamps, copic markers, and my cricuts. I am on the design team for, an awesome online store, as well as the challenge blog Scrappy Frogs Be sure to check us out when you need some inspiration or ideas to get you in the creative mood. 

Jearise Havenga

I am a wife to a wonderful computer geek like myself and a stay at home mom of four: ages ranging from 7 to 28 years old. We now live in Lakeway, Texas but have also lived in Tucson, Arizona, Fredericksburg, Virginia and different parts of Michigan. I started crafting while in Arizona through the card making and scrap booking kits but fell in love with all the different papers out there so decided to try my hand without a kit and have never looked back. I love to do all things paper and am up to trying new crafting things. One thing I want to try so badly but am afraid to is sewing. I worry I won't cut or sew the line straight and will ruin what I'm making. Give me paper, scissors, glue and bling and turn me loose and life is good!

Michele Inclan


I live in Pomona, Ca. I work for the school district for about 18 years now and I am going back to school to get my Masters In Forensic Psychology. I love making cards and 3-d projects. I will try layouts but it is challenging for me. I like to learn new things and will try something but if I can not get it then I will stop.

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