Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Design Team Entry-Lisa H.

My photo does not really do this card justice, as this is much brighter in person. This is the entry submitted by Lisa H. I love all the bling and embossing. The snow lady is very sparkly and the use of copics and shading is very nice. And do I see Twinkle Jewels.........well yes, I do! I have a very hard decision to make and am a little bummed there will be no mail delivery today, as I am expecting more entries. Please leave your comments, as I would love to know what you think of today's entry to the Cutters Creek Design Team.


  1. Cute card using pastel colors -- not the traditional "Christmas" colors (which seems to be the NEW thing to do). Definitely "thinking outside the box" Lisa!! :o)

  2. Awww....! Thank you!

    I also have some pictures of it on my blog and you can find it at this link - Snow Lady

    Thanks to Kim for sharing my card. I can't wait to find out who will be on the Cutters Creek Design Team and I wish every one GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. You go Lisa!!!! I knew your card would be gorgeous!!! You are really talented with those stamps and the coloring!! You have inspired me to work more with that and I'm gonna buy some of the Copic Markers when I get paid next week. You did an awesome job with the detail on this card!! BLING ROCKS!! Now I just need you to really realize your talent through this and really let it blossom ;} Great job!!
    -Sharon S.

  4. What a darling card Lisa!!! I can tell it's been blingified quite nicely too!!

  5. Lisa, I love your card! It's just gorgeous!!!

  6. Oh, how sweet! I love the little snow person and the snowflake and twinkle jewel accents! Very nice card. WELL DONE!!

  7. I am such a huge fan of bling. I love your card. Where did you find those snowflakes? They are great.

  8. Thank you all very much for the kind compliments.

    BoxerBrats, the snowflakes are some "bling" I picked up at my LSS on clearance, last year, sorry, but I do not remember the brand or name?

    But, the other "bling" (the smaller jewels) are called 'Twinkle Jewels' and they are sold at Cutters Creek, you can find them Here!

  9. Lisa your so talented....I LOVE your snow lady!
    This is such a fun card. Course I know you HAVE to have some BLING!

    By chance do you remember the copic numbers?

    Wishing you lots of luck.......

  10. Hi Lynn,

    You are so sweet and you know me far too well. I'm a 'Bling' girl for sure and these are all my favorite colors, as you know.

    I am sorry to say that I do not remember the copic numbers, Fibro fog.....LOL)! But, thanks for mentioning that, because I really do need to keep notes of the colors for new projects and future use! :)

    I do know that I used 2-3 shades of each color (light blues and pinks)! The Aqua Blue Cardstock is from DCWV and the embossing was done in Lavender Glitter Powder by Ranger. The Snowflake background and the Snow Lady Stamps are from Great Impressions.

    Thank for you wonderful comments. Please take care and Happy Crafting!

  11. Lisa, I love your card. I finally got an account so I could post. LOL. I really like the softer colors that you used and by viewing the close up, I could see all of the wonderful sparkles and gem accents. Good job! I wish you the best of luck and hope you win.

    Hugs, Michelle

  12. Thanks Michelle!

    Awww.....You are so sweet to take the time to set up an account and post a comment for me!

    Thanks so much for your kind wishes! I hope you'll come back again soon and I hope very much you are enjoying crafting!

    Hugs to you too!

  13. Oh, Lisa, I love your card!! What a great layout. I love the bling. I'm going to have to add the Twinkle Jewels to my wish list from CC. You are right, we both love bling and Copics :)


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