Monday, August 9, 2010


Kim and our entire design team, is really excited about the new Ecstasy Crafts card kits from CHA!!  They are easy to use, but look AMAZING!!!

The how-to's are simple.....cut out the base from the first sheet, then adhere it to a card base, then start punching out each numbered layer.  This ship had 4 layers, and since it had quite a few fine details, I used a paper piercer to make the punching out even easier! Then you use pop dots to add each layer.  That's it!   Cutter's Creek has the Ecstasy Crafts pop dots available, including the micro dots, that make it easy to attach even the finest details.

This particular kit is one of the foil kits.  Kim is going to add these to the store if there is interest in them!   How can there not be?  Aren't these gorgeous?!!  So awesome, in fact that my hubby even commented on the card as I was making it....he said it looked amazing with only the first layer!  

You'll find these great kits, under the "Ecstasy Crafts" section at Cutter's Creek.  So many beautiful selections 
in the store for you to try out, and many go well with Flower Soft, too!  Don't forget to pick out some of the sentiments as can even color these with your Copics!!

Try out these fun kits, and let us know what you think!

Available at Cutter's Creek:

Check out all the Ecstasy Card kits, foam dots,  and sentiments available.

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