Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Using Glimmer Mist with Mandie

So did last weeks post make you hurry over to the Cutters Creek Store and stock up on the Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist? If you did you're going to want to try the ideas in this post! If you didn't I sure hope this post will put you in the shopping mood!

Grab some scrap White Cardstock and a scalloped circle punch or Cricut or Spellbinders die and punch a bunch of circles! The punch I used makes circles that are about 2" but you can actually go a little smaller or larger based on your preference!

I punched about 15 circles here. I figured if I'm going to make my own embellishments I might as well make a couple while I have all of my supplies out...

Next I grabbed one of my favorite script background stamps and my Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Walnut Stain. You can really use whatever image you want but I LOVE the look of the words. You could even grab a single word stamp or use some alphabet stamps to spell a word and stamp it repeatedly. I like to stamp both sides of my punch but you don't have to... in fact you don't really need to stamp at all!

Next I grabbed three bottles of my Glimmer Mist, Walnut Gold, Coffee Shop and Tattered Leather. I really want a lot of depth in this project. As you will see a bit farther down the post you can also do this technique with a single color... Also notice I have my Bazzill Splat Mat covering my desk. This is really important because it will keep you from dying your desk as well as protecting it from the heat of your heat gun.

The first layer is the Walnut Gold. I just did about one or two sprays per flower. Two things to remember, mix your spray WELL before spraying and keep your hand moving while you are spraying.

I repeat the spraying with the Coffee Shop Glimmer Mist trying to sort of hit different areas.

Finally I used the Tattered Leather. Then layer another paper towel over the top and flip it over and repeat on the other side!

Next you're going to want to crumple your circles up into a nice wrinkly ball. You don't have to crush it... you just want some nice wrinkles. Now, grab your heat gun and dry them a little bit.

Next you are going to un-wrinkle them a bit. You want some of the creasing to stay so don't totally flatten them out. Grab that heat gun again and dry them all the rest of the way.

Here's what you will end up with. At this point these should be completely dry. On a side note, you may tear one or two while you are unfolding them (if you look closely you will see I did) and it's NO big deal. It adds to the character of your finished flower. But, if it bugs you... it's a good idea to initially punch and stamp a few extras...

Now, before I put my heat gun and my Glimmer Mist sprays away I decided that I wanted to create a card for this lovely flower to adorn so I grabbed a piece of lace from my stash and spritzed it with Coffee Shop and Vintage Pink.

Then I stacked up 5 of my scalloped circles and stuck my paper piercer through the center. Then I carefully added my brad to the center. This brad is covered in pink corduroy but it looked too "new" to go with my card so I gave it a little spray of the Coffee Shop Glimmer Mist.

Then I stuck a Pop Up Glue Dot to the back of my flower. I used the Pop Up Glue Dot because my flower has so much dimension I really wanted it to stick to the front of my card well.

After adhering the lace this is my completed card! I haven't decided what occasion this card will be for yet. I love that I could literally use this for ANYTHING! Sympathy, Birthday, Thinking of You... it really is what ever you make it!

I also have one more quick idea for you. I used the same technique as above with punching and spraying these flowers. I only used only one color, Purple Pansy, to mist these and I didn't have to stamp them because there was already a pattern on the paper.... any guesses to what this started life out as?

Here is one with out the mist.... give up? It a security envelope that one of our bills came in! Take a look at some of yours next time you are paying the bills. There are some really fun patterns that most of us just toss in the trash or shredder! This paper is a bit thinner than cardstock so you want to be a tiny bit gentler with it when you are crumpling and uncrumpling it!

Poke through your stack with a paper piercer and find a pretty brad for the center....

And you end up with THIS beautiful flower! You never knew garbage could look so amazing did you? Now, Glimmer Mist adds beautiful sparkle on its own but you can add a little more by pulling out your....

Icicle Stickles! Yep, I had to add even MORE bling to this flower! But what should I do with it.... another card.... nah, been there done that.... a layout? I should but I just don't have the TIME! I know....

A hair clip! I just hot glued some green ribbon to a plain clip. Then added a looped piece to make the "leaf" and finally hot glued my flower on top of that!

And here's my daughter modeling it. Yeah, the flash sometimes makes her eyes go funny... but doesn't she look cute?

So now we want to see what YOU can create with Glimmer Mist! Just post a comment with a link to your newly created Glimmer Mist project on your blog and you could win... MORE Glimmer Mist! Remember, this project must be newly created just for this contest and must use Glimmer Mist somewhere on the project. Judging will be based on a RANDOM draw (all names will be entered into random.org). All entries must be received by 11:59pm on Monday, January 24th. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, January 25th! I hope you all will play along with us!!!


  1. I wish I had some Glimmer Mist to be able to take part in this giveaway, but sadly I don't have any yet.

  2. Thanks I think I will try this.

  3. Another great tutorial Mandie. I hope I get a chance to play along this weekend.

  4. Literally from trash to treasure! Thanks for the great tutorial! Now I need to get more glimmer mist so I can play with yet another new idea!


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