Friday, June 29, 2012

Cutters Creek Design Team Announcements!

Earlier this year, I went hunting for a couple of Guest Designers to help us out while we had two members out on leave.   Melissa has recently had her baby (Congrats Melissa!) and she should be returning very soon to share her projects with all of us.  I know I miss all of her awesome projects and her Copic coloring is just to die for!  And Fran has been back at is and crafting once again (you go girl!) and is stronger than ever!  Fran does some amazing work that is just captivating to look at.

So out of everyone that applied (and OMG how hard to chose!) Tee & Pebbles came aboard for a three month period.  When the first of June hit, I knew I would be losing these two talented ladies and it made me a little sad.  However a spot opened up and I decided to ask one of the talented ladies to stay on board, if they would have me.  Well funny thing, I could not decide who to ask!  I kept looking at their work over and over and there were no "cons" only a ton of "pros" to them both.  So then one night it hit me (I literally smacked my forehead), it is my store and my team so why not ask both of them to stay?!?!? 
So yes, you guessed it!  I asked both of them to stay and they both accepted!!  I did such a happy dance that I think I threw my hip out of!
So please welcome our newest permanent Designers, Tee & Pebbles!!  Thank you so much ladies!  I adore both of you and I am so very proud to have you on my team as permanent members.
Also of note, we have a new Head Design Team Leader!!  Our very talented Deanna is our new fearless leader and I could not be more pleased!  Deanna really takes such good care of me and the Team.  She also takes such good care of my customers and potential customers as well.  Deanna is gentle, kind, informative, & loving.  She has a lot of ideas and I am excited to see her spread her wings and take the Cutters Creek in new directions while still taking care of her family and working a full time job. 
Please leave a comment for all of these ladies as this is truly a celebration into a new era as Cutters Creek turns four in August and we start marching into year number five! 
Thank you so much to all of you who check out our blog every day and a HUGE thank you to all of you Cutters Creek customers out there!!


  1. Congrats to everyone!!! I love to see (and sometimes scraplift!) everyone's fabulous projects!!! You guys produce some of the best tutorials - both written and video! Keep 'em coming!
    Judy Garrelts

  2. Kim first and foremost I would not be back here designing for you if it wasn't for your love and gentle support you have given me since I've been diagnosed with lung cancer. As I laid in bed first very sick from the chemo and radiation. And then extremely depressed I would still think about crafting. And there were times I wanted to craft but my heart and brain would not let me because I could not stop thinking of my illness. As time went on and talking to you I knew that I had to push myself along with profession help to start living again. I don't know what the futures holds for me. But you taught me to live for the moment and that is what I am doing. I love you Kim and you are truly my dearest friend.

    Deanna you too are a big part of my life. You shared your illness with me and yet I saw how you did not let it get in the way of doing what you love best. You taught me how you can get lost in your project and how it brings a sort of peace to your brain when its on overload. Its an honor to know you, have as a friend, and working with you as out Design Team Leader. You are the greatest.

    And to all my other DT pals I love working with all of you and have known some longer than others. And all of you feel like family to me. Its a real pleasure to be working with such talented ladies and learning from you too.

    Thank you for your support, love, and most of all your prayers. Love you, Fran


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