Friday, July 6, 2012

Quick and Easy Backgrounds by Chris

Get out your glimmer mist and regular card stock or watercolor paper and spray away. I used at least six different glimmer mists on each of these papers and sprayed till they pooled. 

Then, take a piece of plastic wrap (just a tad larger than the paper), crunch it up, and then decide how you want to blend colors.

 Lay the plastic across the paper pushing the mist puddles together. When you like what you’ve blended, pull up the plastic so it isn’t completely smooth  in places to create a abstract design (see photo). Now walk away and let it dry. I let mine dry overnight. When I pulled the plastic off, I had these gorgeous papers with a lovely webbed design. Both papers have a gorgeous shimmer. The watercolor paper is bumpier, but that is how it started.

Card Stock

Watercolor Paper

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