Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Completed Disney Autograph Book

I leave for Disney World in 9 days and I can’t wait!  I’ve been working on this autograph book for a couple of months now and it’s done (well 98% done) and bound.  I used my cinch for this book, but a bind it all would have worked too.  My book is 8x8 and I used chipboard for the cover.  All my pages are built on kraft cardstock. 
photo (5)
All the die cuts on the cover were cut with my cricut.  I used the Mickey and Friends cartridge.  I kept the same format for all the pages, an autograph block, the character’s name, and then the character themselves. 
Here are a couple of the Winnie the Pooh pages I made using the Pooh and Friends cartridge. 
photo (3)
These characters can be tedious to put together, so cut them as large as you can.  Most of my characters are cut at 4.5 to 5 inches.   This made them almost bearable to put together.  I wish I could have cut them a little bit larger.
photo (6)
I used a lot of stickles on the princesses.  Princesses need some bling.  Also when your smaller pieces not cut really cleanly, you can cover up the imperfections with a little glitter. 
photo (7)
The characters from the Disney Classics cartridge cut smaller than the others.  I had to cut them at about 5.5 inches to get them to be the same size as the others. 
photo (8)
These last 2 pages aren’t finished yet.  I have to add their names.  Buzz Lightyear was the hardest one to put together.  Some of the pieces were just way too little and since I only have the digital version of this cartridge, I didn’t have a real manual to look at.   I had to get creative with a silver marker and draw some parts in.  Markers, paint pens, glitter pens, and stickles saved me on this project. The hardest parts to cut are the eyes, they are just way too small to mess with.  I used a white pen and just colored them in with various glitter pens. 
Even though this was a long and difficult project, I really loved making it.  I know it will get put to good use and it brought me and cricut back together. 
Cutterscreek Supplies Used
Copic Spica
A lot of adhesive


  1. Mindy I just cannot say enough about your Disney Autograph book. It is awesome! What a special memory album you made for both you and your daughter. And I know you are glad it is finished :) Hugs, Fran

  2. That is SO AWESOME!!! Seriously...too darn cute!!

  3. This is so cute it makes me want to take my children to Disney World. I went there many moons ago and maybe it's time to go back. :)


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