Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I Love Anna Griffin with Kim B.

I so love everything Anna Griffin.  She does everything with such elegance and grace.  I have met her several times and she is so sweet and loveable.  I have beautiful scrapbook pages of her and I using her products and I really treasure those pages.  My project today is using one of her new embossing folders, Rosa.

Before I start on the project, would you like to know how my customers are getting their hands on these gorgeous folders?  I think it is worth few minutes of your time to read on and find out.  Cutters Creek realized some time back that the economy was making budgets tight for many crafters however they did not want to give up their love of crafting and wanted to be able to get the newest and greatest products and also some oldies but goodies as well.  I also realized that many crafters love an array of colors to choose from however on a tight budget, they would have to pick and choose a few colors of their item of choice and just could not afford to purchase 10, 20, 30 colors but they sure did want them all!  So the Cutters Creek Clubs were born.  I often do clubs where members can collect all colors over a six month period.  I generally try and keep the Clubs around $20 and I reduce my flat rate store shipping down as well to make that $20 to include shipping charges.  My customers love the clubs because they get a monthly package of crafty goodness at a low affordable price and I usually keep what they are getting as a surprise so they get even more joy out of their purchase.  As an avid crafter myself, I put myself in my customers mindset to make selections of items I would like to receive and not just send them items to send them stuff.  The Cutters Creek Clubs are all about my customers and their joy.  My joy comes from how delighted they are each month.  We usually are running any where from 5-9 clubs at any given time and you do need to join on the onset of a Club's beginning.  If you are interested in playing along with us, please click HERE to join the Cutters Creek Store Yahoo Group to check up out.  We are a very warm and friendly group free from drama and you also get insider information and scoops and updates on products as well.  We would love to have you, so please stop by!

If you have gotten this far through my post (and I thank you for hanging in there with me), it is time to show off my project!  I made the two cards below with the Anna Griffin Folder Rosa that my Club members have received already.  My third grand daughter was due on July 28th and still has not made her entrance as of yet.  This will be my daughter's first child and we can't wait to met her, especially my daughter who is a little bit tired of being pregnant right now.  You ladies who have had children know what I mean.  One card is to my new grand daughter with a note inside from grandma with a gift of bibs that say all kinds of wonderful things about grand mothers.  The other is a card welcoming my daughter into motherhood and her gift is a beautiful necklace.  I wanted to give her something special because if you have experienced the birth of a child, you know that once the baby comes, the child becomes the one that everyone has interest in and mom is kind of forgotten a bit.  So as my daughter's mom, I want her to know that I think she is beautiful and special and I love her with all my heart.  Here are the cards:

The background of my grand daughter's card uses the embossing folder and my daughter's card uses the included matching border.  I love that Anna's folders also include the matching border in the package.  I also hand wrote "MOM" on my daughters card (on the baby bottle) with one of my Spica pens by Copic and then added some Stickles over top of that for some extra bling and pop.  I also inked the edges of the elements on her card with a Memento Ink Pad which is also another Club currently in progress. 
I hope you enjoyed my project!!  Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  Thank you so much for stopping by!
Authors Edit:  This was scheduled before the baby was born however she (Isabeau Helene) was born August 3rd weighing 9lbs 7ozs:


  1. Kim your cards are beautiful! I know your daughter will treasure them always.

  2. Beautiful cards and beautiful granddaughter. Congrats Kim.

  3. So precious... both of the cards, but especially your granddaughter! They are all treasures.

  4. Kim, both your cards are beautiful and I must say that Isabeau may just outshine them a bit, what a darling picture.

  5. Oh my, Kim. Both cards are gorgeous and so is baby Isabeau. What wonderful keepsakes for mama and baby! Congrats, again!!
    Deanna A.

  6. Beautiful cards Kim. Big huge blessings to you and your family on it's newest addition! You will have tons of new scrapbook material now!!! What a precious baby!

  7. Congrats to mom and to you (and the dad of course too!) on the birth of this beautiful little girl. May God bless her life with health and happiness.
    Beautiful soft colored cards. Love the embossing folders and embellies.
    You're clubs sound great and provide much happiness I'm sure. May God bless you with continued success in the business!

  8. Thank you to everyone for the congrats and well wishes!

  9. Congratulations again on the beautiful new grand baby and you're right about the embossing folders being beautiful and really making the cards.


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