Monday, September 23, 2013

Getting Organized (and a little washi tape)

While watching a ton of videos about how to organize my scrapbook room, I came across several videos about Filofaxes. I started watching them and decided it would be a good thing for me to try. My purse is always full of notes I write at work and they're always getting lost. I have a calendar in my purse,but it's not big enough to hold everything I need.  A filofax founded like the perfect solution.

In the videos people were decorating their planner pages and they looked adorable.  One of the main things they used to decorate is washi tape.  I just joined the Cutters Creek monthly washi tape club , so the timing was perfect. I used some washi and a few of my other scrapbooking supplies to start personalizing  my filofax.  I just started so it's still pretty lame compared to others I've seen, but I think I'll get there.  
Here is a video showing how I used my supplies in my filofax to help get you started. Now, filofax is just one brand of planner, you can use these techniques with any planner you have, you can even print out some of your own pages to use. For me, gettting organized is a must, but using all the supplies I already have to make getting organized cute and fun is a total bonus. Cutters Creek Shopping List Double sided paper Washi Tape- club item ask Kim


  1. Mindy what a creative way to be more organized. I love what you did and how you used the washi tape. Hugs, Fran

  2. Great idea and super cute !


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