Monday, April 26, 2010

Copic Monday-Hair Coloring by Laura Burleson

If you are like me you wondered how can you give texture and shading for the perfect hair color. What I have discovered is that most hair colors can be broken down into three marker colors. A light color for the highlights, a mid range color, and a dark color for the shadow areas.

For blond hair, I use YR23, Y23 and E35.

For brunette hair, I use E29, E25, and E31.

For auburn hair, I use E13, E17, and E19.

For black hair, I use C3, C5, and C9.

For grey hair, I use C1, C3, and C5.

This is a completed example of blond hair using the Y23, YR23 and E35:

When coloring hair use the same technique used for the skin. Lay down your lightest color for the entire head of hair. Next add in your darkest color, then your mid-range color. For images like the Pink Cat Studios characters, you will not have a lot of hair color definition.

This image shows a completed brunette using E25, E29, E31.

When coloring images more detailed images with more hair color lines, you will be able to add more depth to your hair color. You will have a greater area and more hair texture to cover. When you have images that have definite hair strand lines. Use strokes in those same directions to give the hair flow. Practice making short controlled strokes before starting to color your image.

For this image I started with my Y23 for blond hair. I used strokes that followed the natural hair growth.

After laying down my lighter color as the base. I added in my YR23 color. Again following the lines of the hair growth. Remember you can always go back and add more coloring as you progress through each step.

Lastly I added in my darkest color. I started from the roots of the hair and made it a bit darker using short feather-light strokes. I used more dark near the neckline and back of the hair. Remember your light source like we discussed previously. You want to layer in your darker colors where the hair would naturally be darker.

Here is a second example using the Auburn hair colors and the same image.

Coloring hair is an easy technique to master when you have the right colors. For all of my examples, I used the brush end of my Sketch Copic Markers. Enjoy trying these techniques! Please post your images. I would love to see your work.

Thanks for looking~


Cutters Creek Products Used:

Copic Sketch Markers - Colors listed above
Pink Cat Studios Stamps
Bazzill (Formly Prism) Cardstock
Memento Ink (Tuxedo Black)

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