Saturday, March 2, 2013

3D Cake Box

Many of you know my love for 3D projects. I made this box using circles from Cricut then cut some strips of paper to make the box and lid. On Top is a flower, inked and stickled. I love how this turned out! I have a video on my blog on how to take basic shapes (like a circle on this project but a heart in the video) to make it a 3D project. hope you check it out.



  1. What a fantastic weekend of projects! TY!

  2. Beautiful Tee!! I have to check out the video! Happy birthday to Kim!
    Thanks so much for sharing. You know I love your work...and of course your signature flowers!
    Sue B

  3. Tee your project is gorgeous. And that flower on top of the cake really makes that cake POP!
    Hugs, Fran

  4. That is so cute, Tee. I love it!
    Great job and thanks for sharing.
    Deanna A.


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