Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Product Spotlight - Ribbon Rings by Lisa!

Are your ribbons all stuffed in a box or plastic bag? Have they worked themselves into such a tangled mess that they look more like a bird's nest than they do any type of crafting supply? Or are they still wound tightly onto little tiny rolls so that you can’t tell how much you have left? Are you ready for a new way to organize your stash that is fast, easy and cheap? If so, then look no further my friends! Ribbon Rings are EXACTLY what you have been waiting for!

Ribbons Rings are a wonderful way to quickly and easily organize all of your ribbons and fibers. And the price is definitely right! For only $7.99 you can get the COMPLETE “Ribbon Ring Starter Set”. The perfect way to get started with Ribbon Ring, the starter set is a jam-packed option that includes one 2” Metal Ring, 30 Plastic Ribbon Tabs and 12 inventory dots.

Here’s how it works:

· Each tag is designed to hold a variety of ribbon in various lengths and sizes, making the system ideal for organizing your collection by color, length or style.

· The “Inventory dots” are perfect for helping you remember which ribbons you have available on a larger roll, or you can place a dot directly on the end of a piece of ribbon, to remind you to re-order when you reach the dot!

· Simply place your ribbons on the tags, hang the tags on the ring, and your birds nest will quickly transform into a flowing mane of color that is easily accessible and easy to use!

It’s just that simple!

So…..If your ribbon looks like this –

Or even this!

And you would RATHER it look like this-

Or this!

Then Ribbon Rings are exactly what you NEED! Easy to afford and easy to use, Ribbon Rings puts your entire “stash” of ribbon right at your fingertips. You can find all our Ribbon Ring products ready and waiting at Cutters Creek.


  1. Wow! Those look cool... now I need some one to come over and put all my ribbon on those rings :)

  2. Mandie,

    I sat and did them while watching TV, and it goes along very fast. You'll be amazed at how many you can get organize in a short amount of time!

    And you'll LOVE how easy it then becomes to find the perfect color ribbon or fiber for your next project.

  3. What a wonderful idea. I could organize the ribbon and lace trims I use for sewing for dolls, as well as my cardmaking ribbons, and then would actually not have to iron them before using! What wonderful things you present to us. CHRISTMAS LOVE to us, which we send back to you with our wishes for a wonderful Christmas season. I hope Santa remembers me this year.


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