Friday, January 15, 2010

Lisa's HedgeGrow Friends

Just look at this sweet card! It makes me long for warmer days and cricket filled nights! She says that when she created this card that she was "thinking spring" and I couldn't agree more. Once again Lisa has outdone herself, and we are so fortunate that she is ready and willing to share her skills with us!

My favorite part of this card is how Lisa has taken simple classy elements and put them together and a beautiful way. Look at the three flowers that run down the right hand side. By layering two pre-cut flowers and topping them with a single Twinkle Jewel she has created a gorgeous element that pulls her work together and makes it pop. So so pretty!

So now, and without any further waiting, I am going to turn it over to Lisa and let her tell us a bit about her cute little friend.

For this card I wanted to pull myself out of the cold winter and spend some time dreaming about Spring. The HedgeGrow Friends from FlowerSoft were absolutely perfect for my mood! Now, I want to point out that I did not actually use any Flower Soft on this card, just the topper, but I still LOVE the effect. This shows how you can use the toppers all on their own to create quick, yet beautiful, cards perfect for any number of occasions!

Lisa's HedgeGrow Friends was created using the following products:
All of these products can be purchased from Cutters Creek!

Thank You Lisa for all your hard work and for sharing this gorgeous card! And please forgive your blogger for being a bit slow :)


  1. Lisa, this card is sooooo cute! Love it!

  2. Oh I love hedgehogs and you have made this fellow look positively cuddly! This gives hope that maybe spring will come. Just wonderful.

  3. Very cute...and so easy to do! It DOES make me think of spring with the color palette you chose...and that dash of bling with the Twinkle Jewels is perfect! Great job!!

  4. OMGosh this card is just darling Lisa!! Beautiful colors you chose!

  5. Another work of art...your so talented Lisa!
    Love your hedgehog and the colors are so pretty.


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