Sunday, March 28, 2010

Design Team Entry-Melissa S

How cute is this card! I love how all the layers work with each other to make a finished look and all the tiny details are just gorgeous. I wish you could see the inside of this card too, however we are focusing on the front, as the inside just gives those finishing touches that made me just sigh with delight. I would love to receive this card from a friend, how about you? Please leave a comment to cheer Melissa on!


  1. Love your card Melissa, I like the flower layers and the angel is adorable. I would love to receive a card like this too.

  2. go missy, go missy, go missy! sweetie, your card is wonderful! you amaze me. good luck.

    love you

  3. Very cute! Great coloring job! And the varied layers are cool!

  4. What a super cute card!! Absolutely adorable!


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