Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vicki's Blingy Easter Layout

I was one of the guilty one's...I was waiting on the edge of my seat for Cutters Creek to get the American Crafts glitter paper in stock. As soon as Kim posted the Spring pack, I was online placing that order! When it came, I was AMAZED! This paper is so pretty, so glittery, and so sturdy! It just screamed 'little girls' and I have twin godchildren in Kindergarten that I'm pretty sure will get some very pretty dresses to take pictures in! So, I created a simple, pre-made layout that my niece will be able to quickly add two photos to, and add to her scrapbook!

If you are a member of the Cutter's Creek Yahoo! group, you have probably seen the messages coming through discussing the best settings to use to cut this paper with your Cricut. Start with the following:
Pressure: High
Blade Depth: 6
Multi-Cut: 2
...and be prepared to ADJUST these settings for your Cricut. I had to do multi-cut 3, and still had a few areas that needed cleaned up, however, I probably need to change my blade as it is rather well-used. Intricate cuts, such as the grass on the bottom of my layout, will also require some help from a razor blade, to finish some of the cuts and clean up the edges. Simple shapes, like the egg SVG's, cut cleanly and quickly! I did have one boo-boo, where I put my paper on the mat in the wrong direction (I hate when that happens) - but rather than throw away the bad cut, I placed an egg on the 'edge' and made it look like it belonged there!

Adhering this paper to your layouts does not require any special adhesive. I tried several, to see what had the best success, but there was no single adhesive method that worked better than another. I love Glossy Accents, and turn to that as a regular adhesive when I've failed with other adhesives. I used that for the words "Happy Easter" - and did get some paper buckling under one of the corners...but other than that, all my favorite adhesives worked just fine!

I can't wait to see their pictures pasted in these sheets!

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Cartridges Used:
Storybook (Happy Easter)
Locker Talk (Flowers)
Zooballoo (Grass)

SCAL - Egg SVG - bottom (Thanks to Diane from Capadia Designs, see her blog here:

Adhesives - Glossy Accents, Glue Glider Pro
Twinkle Jewels (flower centers)


  1. Vicki,

    That is amazing! What a great project! I love what you did, and those papers really shine.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Vicki,
    I LOVE what you have done with your Glitter Paper! Your layouts are totally SPRING!!! I have to hurry and order this paper -- thanks for giving such gorgeous examples!!

  3. You really did capture the glitter look well! Very cute layout! I just got mine and can't wait to play!

  4. Love your page.
    Tried to download the trial version of cutter's creek and it won't let me.. Any suggestions?

  5. Sally, What trial version of which product are you trying to download?

    Kim B


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