Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I-Rock Tutorial Tuesday with Mandie

This month we are talking about one of my favorite tools to use... the I-Rock by Imaginisce! We are also making some Christmas projects to get you in the holiday crafting mood.... mine isn't exactly Christmas but you could certainly translate this idea into a fun Christmas craft!

This summer my 5 year old went to a fun Vacation Bible School and she had this really cute I Heart VBS shirt but it wasn't "girly" enough for her. So I grabbed my I-Rock and my Gem Compact and went to work!

First I did a dry fit of the stones in a pattern I liked. Then I grabbed my I-Rock and let it heat up for about 30 seconds. Then I started adhearing them. *Special Note* when you are doing a project like this make sure you have fresh batteries in your tool, it will save you a LOT of frustration! You only need to hold the tool on the stones for about 10 seconds... maybe a few extra on the big ones. You will kind of see the glue at the edges melt and you know it's done.

After I finished the front I added a few stones to the back too... the State Of Liberty's Crown, the Top of the Chrysler Building and the Taxi and got a bit of bling!

Here's a shot of the completed heart. I will say, I SHOULD have done the stones on the FABRIC of the shirt and NOT the paint. The stones on the back stayed put but the ones one the heart shed off during the day. But, my friend who also did this with me did her's around the outside of her heart and they worked perfectly!

You can wash your shirt after it is blinged, just make sure to turn it inside out and hang to dry! You can easily personalize a store bought shirt with many of the gorgeous gems available at the Cutters Creek Store!

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