Friday, January 11, 2013

Chalkboard Art by Laura C

Have you seen the hot new trend of
Chalkboard Art?  I have just seen it
recently....had to give it a go!  It's
a fun, easy technique....once you get
the hang of it.

I decided to try a Valentine card:

Isn't this a fun look?  Super simple too!!
The key is.....trying your images on scrap
paper first to get an arrangement you like.
Then you take black cardstock....good
idea to use an "anti-static" embossing
buddy (Kim will be getting more)....then stamp images..
.I used Tim Holtz stamps...Kim has some of these...
can order the others.  For me, I like having
the images all stamped and then emboss all
at once, or you can choose to do one at a time.
This was done using WOW embossing powder
(I used Opaque Bright White...Kim can order!).
Next up, you stamp again.... slightly off this time
with white give the shadow effect.
Then use a white colored pencil to trace around.
I also used a soft pink for a little color, tho it's
hard to see.  You also want to add a few chalky
white smudges....with a little of the white ink and
a paper towel.  Buttons, Want2Scrap bling, twine,
and it's done.

I know I'll be trying this technique more, hope
you are inspired to give it a try! 


  1. Love your card Laura, great job with the chalkboard technique and so perfect for a valentine card.

  2. Fantastic, Laura! You nailed it. What a fun technique.

  3. this. You got this technique down!

  4. Really Love this look. You made a super fun card.

  5. Great job! Makes me want to try it...

  6. Laura, I love the look of this!! Thanks for an amazing tutorial.

  7. Awesome job, Laura... thanks for sharing your work.

  8. So cute and the color combination is so "school".

  9. Laura your card is awesome! I love the chalk board look a lot. And your card turned out great! Hugs, Fran


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