Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shrink Plastic and Copic Tutorial by Tee

Hi Everyone, It's me Tee, here sharing with you my new found love for Shrink Plastic and Markers. I found Copic markers to work the best but any will do!

First I used my cricut and Sophicated cartridge to my image out of the shrink plastic using the deep cut blade. I replaced the blade with a black Cricut marker and traced around the image.

I then used my markers to color in the image and used my finger (blotter or something else would have worked better) to smooth it out.  I applied two coats to get a darker coverage.   The marker in the image is Tim Holtz, see how it is all blotchy? Copics don't do that but I didn't have a copic marker in this color.

I let this dry then removed from my cutting mat and punched a hole in the top. I learned the hard way that if you want a hole to punch it BEFORE you shrink.

Now the magic happens. You will need something to hold your image or is will blow away.

Don't panic if it starts to curl up into a ball, keep the heat on it and it will flatten out... Use your tweezers to help it back into shape. Once it cools off it will get super hard.

See how pretty it turned out?

I think I am going to make these into earrings? What do you think???


  1. Tee what a fantastic idea you did with the shrink plastic. I've always seen it done by putting it in the oven. But never knew you could use a heat gun. And yes I love them as earrings. Great project as always, Fran

  2. that is so cool...thanks for sharing


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