Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Smash Books #1 with Cindy

Hi everyone,
Cindy here, with a two part post on Smash Books. Maybe you have seen them or heard about them but how do you use them? This will hopefully be an ongoing series on the ways that I am using Smash books. Now, I had tried Project Life last year and last until about April. The problem for me with Project Life is first, I forget to take pictures and I certainly don't take pictures every day. The other was that I felt that my life wasn't that exciting and I kept having the same weekly or even monthly pages in my album because my life is very routine. So it was boring...I also felt like the scrapbooking itself was boring. Don't get me wrong Project Life is great for those who haven't done much scrapbooking. But it was not for me. I wanted something that I could document the every day when it suited me, I could journal in and I could make scrappy. So I turned to Smash Books.

In the video, I talk more about why I use a Smash Book instead of creating my own because in this, having a sturdy pre-made book does save me time!

Be sure to visit the Cutters Creek store to purchase the products that I used today:
Smash Books
Washi Tape
ATG Gun and Tape
Smash Date Stamp

Suggested Items:
Smash Pad - Blank
Smash Tape - Like This
Smash Tape - Swatch

Be sure to come back tomorrow where I will show you how I used Smash books with my kids!


  1. Awesome! I like the idea of Smash books for everyday things as well. No pressure to "have to" do something every day/week just to fill pages for that week or month. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cindy I sure can tell how much you love using your smash books. Keeping all those memories in one spot is awesome. Thank you for another great video. Hugs, Fran


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