Monday, December 7, 2009

Wendy - Whimsical Winter Wonderland!

When I first saw this card it made me think about being little and growing up in Alaska. We use to hear all of these stories about how no two snowflakes were alike, and that was a theory that we often put to the test. My cousin and I would RUN outside like crazy people and try to catch as many snowflakes as we possibly could and then run back to each other to see if any matched up. Of course, they always melted before any real comparison could be made. But, in that brief moment before they became nothing more than a tiny speck of water on the sleeve of our far-too-big snow suit, they were beautiful.

Wendy has created this card using techniques that are as delicate as they are beautiful. Her elements of airbrushing, bling and shading all work in harmony to form a cohesive and finished piece that is very ascetically pleasing. First, if you look closely at the little girl perched on her swing, you will see that she has quite a bit of depth and dimension for a 2-D line figure. This comes directly from careful shading with the fantastic Copic markers.

Never used Copics? Never fear! Wendy may be a pro, but I can promise you that I am
brand new. In fact, I picked up my very first Copics TODAY and used them for the first time. I had honestly thought that they would be just like any other marker, but I WAS WRONG. The ink glides on to the page in such a way that it blends together without the stark lines that are often inherent with marker use. I'm telling you ladies, don't be afraid of these little beauties. They have the power to change the way you craft from now on. Plus, as Copics can be used on so many different mediums, and in so many different ways, the options are truly endless.

This piece is rounded out with careful detailing to really make the image pop off of the page. Look at the Kaisercraft Rhinestones that mark the center of the snowflake as well as the tips of her hair. They help to naturally draw the eye to the focal point and capture your attention. The best part? Kaisercraft Rhinestones are self-adhesive! So all you have to do is peel and stick. CuttersCreek carries a large variety of Kaisercraft, including both pearls and rhinestones. I highly recommend keeping several options on hand as they are an extremely quick way to add a bit of class to any project that you are working on.

If you have any questions about Copics or any of the other products used in this card, the please feel free to ask Wendy! As always, the Design Team is here to help!

Wendy's Whimsical Winter Wonderland Card was created using the following products:
  • Stamp, by Pink Cat Studios
  • Copics - B00, B02, G20, G21, E00, R20, R81, & R85
  • Scor-Pal
  • Cardstock
  • Kaisercraft Rhinestones
  • Copic Airbrush System
  • Inkssentials White Gel Pen
All of these products can be purchased at CuttersCreek!

Thank you Wendy for sharing this gorgeous Card!


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  2. Oops! I meant to POST my comment and some how removed it by mistake!

    Your card is sweet and precious. I simply love your Copic color choices and how wonderful the Rhinestone 'bling' adds that perfect sparkle.

    This is adorable, is it for Me? :)

  3. Wendy - Very cute! Great use of bling all over!!

  4. Wendy your card is gorgeous! Just beautiful and soooo cute! Nice work!

  5. Oh my gosh! I LOVE your card!!! This really inspires me... I'm going to go craft now!!!


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