Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monkey Tent Card by Chris

I’ve been playing with several different versions and sizes of tent cards and wanted to share one with you. This one will fit in an A2 envelope.

I used my SCAL and my cricut markers to write the sentiment on the back and to cut the 8.5 x 4.25 card base. (I find it easiest to do the sentiment first, so I remember to turn the card the opposite way to work on the front.) I glued a 4x4 green dotted paper on the front. Taking my Spellbinders Small circles--the second to largest size—I cut a hole in the center of the front. (You could do this in SCAL, but I wanted a frame around the circle and wanted to be sure I could match it exactly.) I then used the largest circle die and the second to largest die (that I had just used) to cut out the yellow frame. I used repositionable-tape to hold the two circles on the yellow paper and make sure they didn’t shift as I cut them. Once cut, I glued the yellow frame around the opening.

Using ZooBalloo I cut the monkey and his layers at 2.5 inches and the vine at 1.5 inches. Once the monkey was assembled, I used my TH paper piercer and made a hole in his tail and in the top of the frame, looped a jump ring and hung him upside down in my card. To make the vine frame the monkey, I snipped off two pieces—one from each end of the vine. I shaded the leaves with copic G19 and then dabbed some light green flower soft in each leaf’s center. I set that aside to dry.

Next I cut a 4.25 by 4 inch rectangle and scored it on the 4-inch side at 1, 2, and 3 inches with my score pal. I folded these so the middle fold was up (a mountain fold). I knew that my cutout circle was going to show this piece so I also cut a 4.25 x .75 inch piece of the green dotted paper and glued it to the front of the mountain fold. (If you choose a smaller cutout, you can avoid this step.) I used Scor tape to adhere the first fold to the back of the card. The inside of the card also gets covered with a 4-inch decorative square, but I wanted more of a jungle effect. I had the perfect print from one of my travels, cut it and glued it to the part that would show through the cut circle (the opposite side of the printed sentiment).

I then flipped the card back to the front and attached the vine. The longer loopy piece I draped over the center and just laid the two smaller pieces so they attached to the ends. I scored the card at 4.25 and using scor tape again, I glued the last fold to the front edge of my card. I now needed to trim the part of the card stand that was showing up through the circle. I used my cuttlebug scissors to snip towards the frame, (crossed my fingers), and carefully trimmed along the yellow frame. Whew, I didn’t slip. This card is really simple to make. I’ve made them with and without hanging images. Let’s see what you create.

Cutters Creek Resources:
Scor Pal
Spellbinders Small Circles
Scor Tape ¼ inch
Cuttlebug scissors
Cricut Cartridge: ZooBalloo
Flower Soft—pale green
Flower Soft glue


  1. cute, Chris. we just got monkey ears (for the daughter who was wearing the kittie ears...)
    I love the glitter on the leaves, too.

  2. Very cute! I'll have to try this!

  3. What a cute card, Chris!!! Great idea :)


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