Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rosettes 101 by Laura C.

Rosettes: 101

Well, ask and you shall receive!! My second project this month was rosettes as well (if you haven't noticed, they are HOT in everything paper crafting!!).  I've included more detailed pics on the how to's this time, so hopefully you will all try this fun new technique!!

Step #1: Cut a strip of paper to the size of rosette you'd like.  I used a 1" x 12" and 1& 1/2" x 12" (which I
punched with a lace punch for a funedge!). 

Step #2: Fold one end of the strip over about 3/16" to start accordion, then continue to fold back and forth
until the entire strip is folded. 

A side note here: take your time to make sure you keep your folds even.....it will take a few minutes, but you'll love the end result!  Some people have used a paper crimper to "start" the accordion--but it is tricky to get the paper thru perfectly straight, also, Tim Holtz has a new a die that does this, it comes out soon.....you can always ask our wonderful store owner (Kim, of course!).

Step #3: adhere ends of your rosette together with a bit of your favorite adhesive.

Step #4: cut a circle to fit your rosette (I used a 2" circle for the 2&3/4" rosette and a 1&1/2" circle for the 2&1/4").  Then cover the circle with adhesive....I used a layer of my favorite regular adhesive, and then 4 or 5 glue dots spread out on top of that.

Step #5: Push the center of the rosette down, then holding it slightly pinched, pick it up and place it on the circle with the adhesive. Ta Da!!  You have a complete rosette!

Step #6: Embellish!!  I used twinkle jewels and Stickles, and they are also a perfect fit with the brand new Spellbinders Beaded Circles dies--the larger sizes for the base, and the the smaller sizes for the centers! I added an additional center circle (1 & 1/4") that I wrote in and inked.  This center could be ANYTHING--stamped or printed from the computer)

These can decorate scrapbook pages, cards, anything you can think of!  Attach them to a small stick, and make a bunch of "flowers".  The "Boo to You" example I have here, would be perfect if you attach it to a big lollipop, for a gift, or for a child's class. Remember, you can do this for any holiday, any event (think wedding or baby showers, graduations, any party!) you can make them in any color and decorate anyway you'd like.....the only limit is your own imagination!

Happy Creating!!

Available at Cutter's Creek:

Spellbinders Dies (Beaded Circles)
Stickles (Purple)
Twinkle Jewels (Many!)
Tim Holtz Distress Ink (Rusty Hinge)


  1. Ok, these are cool but I think I will need that die! I'm not a very patient accordion-folder! Great job and I love the way you embellished these!

  2. This is great. I ran across a SCAL file for the rosette but dont remember who had it and I also just got the Spellbinders beaded circles. Thanks for the inspiration.


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