Saturday, March 29, 2014

Easter Basket by Michele

Easter is almost here and I have a quick way to make a simple Easter basket.  I used paper from Moxxie- Just Hatched, this is double sided, while this paper isn't in the store check out some that is. I also used some 3-d pop dots, and stickles- diamond. The items I used can be found in the store, if not just ask Kim and she help you get them. I made a copy of the pattern I used. I used 6x6 paper to make the basket and about 1 more inch for both handles(1/2inch each). I scored the paper at 2" and 4" all the way around. Then one 1 side I cut to just the 1st score line, and did that again on the opposite side. In the diagram it shows to cut on the score line at 2 and 4" to the first line. Do the same on the opposite side. The middle square you cut about 1/4 -1/2 off. On each of the 4 corners you cut diagonal, so that you have triangles. Now on one side bring the triangle points to cross each other as much as you want and attached the 2 handles with a brad or a staple and do the same for the other side.
No that you have your basket, just fussy cut any of the chicks that are at the bottom of the paper and attached with a 3-d pop up dot, add stickles and let dry. Add anything to the basket you want.  I hope this makes sense.

Hope this helps in getting ready for Easter. 

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