Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Update: New Design Team Members

I know you want to know, and due to the Easter holiday, I am not telling until Monday April 5th! At that time, I will be posting who I have selected for the newest Cutters Creek Design Team. I will tell you, as a store owner, this is a hard thing to do. However I want to take this time to tell everyone who has applied past, present, and future that there are so many reasons I pick the people I do. A lot of it has to not only the ability to design, but how each of you fits in a team environment. Many of my members have different talents, so you are not seeing the same thing over and over. Anyone who was not picked, I so want to thank you for your efforts! I love all of you for wanting to be on my team! Please still want to be on my team, as your turn may come sooner than you think! Thank you ladies, with every fiber of my being!

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