Monday, April 5, 2010

New Design Team Members Announced!!!!

WOW! WOW! WOW! What a hard job it is to decide from a bunch of talented ladies! The fun part is picking new members. The bad part is that I have ladies that did a lot of hard work and they were not picked this "go round". I have two members right now, that were not picked in my first selection, when I started my first design team call. They were asked to join after new members decided that a design team was not for them for many reasons. I emailed these ladies later on, and asked them to "hop on board". I was a little nervous, as I thought they might have felt a bit "slighted", as they were not picked the first time. These two ladies accepted and are now a couple of my "best girls", but all my design team members are also my "best girls"! So here we go!!! the ladies that I would like to join my team are.......................................

Chris P.
Laura C.
Lori B.
Melissa S.

Congrats ladies! Please email me for futher instructions!


  1. YAHOOOOOOO!!!! way to go girls! Melissa, Dad and I are soooo proud of you! love you sweetie! Kim I think you have exceptional taste in your design team! You chose very well. Congrats to you all!!!


  2. I am also proud of Melissa! She is a wonderful woman and you should be so very proud of her! I know I am :)

    Kim B

  3. Welcome to the team girls! It's going to be great to work with each of you! I'm looking forward to getting to know you all...and your great work!!


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