Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Scene Card with Lori

Update: Don't forget, one lucky commenter this month will be winning a fabulous Flower Soft prize, so be sure to check out all of the projects this month and leave a comment!

I had great fun making this cute card!  As usual, it took me a while to think through what I wanted to do, but actually making the card did not take long at all.  My finished card is 8"x3.5", perfect for a gift of money, or just a card that's easy to mail.

To begin, I pulled out the new Spring collection from Echo Park and a set of cute little hedgehog stamps from my stash.  Using my Make The Cut software, I imported a Vector PDF for the "hill" piece from a sketch pattern book.  (I love that I don't have to print PDFs and cut them by hand!)  I will point out that if I were making this card again, I would have found a scrap piece of a different green for the straight piece, as they blend together a little too much.  I did define the edges some by sponging some green ink on the top edges.

I cut one of the trees from the paper that has the strips of various patterns, and placed it on my hill.  I selected my hedgehog stamp and stamped him once directly on the card, and once on a scrap of white CS.  I colored in his body, then adhered it over the stamped outline on the card.  I filled in the quill area with my Flower Soft glue, then covered him with Nut Brown Flower Soft.  While I let that dry, I stamped the kite portion of the image on various patterns of the paper, cut them out, then adhered them to the kite stamped on the card front.

Once the Flower Soft glue was dry, I rubbed off any excess Flower Soft and returned it to the container.  Lastly, I peeled off a sticker sentiment from the sticker sheet and stuck it to my card front.  I'm currently thinking this will make a cute birthday card for my daughter (she turns 8 near the end of March), but if I change my mind I'm sure I will find something else fun to use this for!

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  1. Very nice, Lori! My FS never turns out looking like that. LOL

  2. Great card. I can see that I am going to have to break down and give FS a try.

  3. Super cute card. I love the texture on the hedgehog. The body of the hedgehog looks like winnie the pooh.

  4. I think this one is my favourite.

  5. Really cute Lori. I love the card.

  6. Awesome card. Love the shape. Hedgehog too cute. Looks like I need some flower soft!

  7. oh my goodness he is so cute with flower soft. I love it

  8. What a cute little hedge hog! Iw ould never have thought to use a hedge hog on a spring (or any) card! Thanks for sharing.


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