Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lori's a Real Witch Today! - with Echo Park Paper

Hello and welcome to one more project for Echo Park Paper month here at Cutters Creek!  I've been feeling a little witchy lately, and I LOVE the Echo Park Apothecary Collection, so I thought I'd sneak in a Halloween decor project that is super easy.

Ta-da!  Are you impressed?!  The bottom circle for the hat brim is 7.5", but you can make this any size you'd like.  The top of the hat is just a cone rolled from an arc of cardstock.  If you don't have a compass (arc? compass?  what's with the geometry today?), which I don't, you can make your own with a pen or pencil with string tied to it (I used ribbon).  I did not measure; I just guessed and eyeballed it.  Hold the end of the string on the corner of the paper, stretch it taut, and use the pencil to draw a curve (arc) on the cardstock from one side to the next.  Once the cardstock is cut, line one straight edge with Scor Tape.  Roll it into a cone and press the Scor Tape to seal.

The fancy design on the hat brim is actually a leftover negative piece from a previous Cricut cut.  (You can see it on this project.)  After adhering the design to the cardstock base, you'll want to adhere the cone.  The easiest way to do this is with the iBond cordless hot glue gun.  I used a black glue stick from the Solid Color set, figuring it would blend in with the dark purple cardstock and black sheer ribbon I was using.  After adhering the cone, I added a 3/4" strip of the orange diamond paper as a hat band then glued down the sheer black ribbon, rolling it as I moved around the hat.

I used another 3/4" strip of the same paper to add a ribbon to the side of the hat.  On top of that I layered a cobweb cut from the cobweb pattern paper and a rolled ribbon flower using sheer black ribbon and a 2" Gluber, then embellished with some clear sparkly adhesive gems.  I added a couple more cobwebs cut from the paper as well.  I used Black Diamond Stickles to outline all of the cobwebs, and added some more sparkly gems to the other two webs.  I created the spider by tying pieces of black hemp cord, then unsticking enough of the Scor Tape to stick the end of the hemp cord down into the top of the cone and readhering the Scor Tape.

 Finally, I cut a label from the "Labels" sheet, curled the ends slightly, and adhered it to the front of the hat.  Other than drying time for the Stickles, this project took very little time -  I just played and enjoyed myself!  I'm already thinking of what I can make for Christmas next...


  1. oh wow ... the witches hat is fabulous.

  2. so cute, love the spider and your ribbon flower with the bling

  3. Lori, this is just adorable! Great project!!


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