Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wedding Card & Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene has been rough on a lot of us on the East Coast. When you lose electricity, you lose so many things that you take for granted each day that are just "there". Running water was the one thing that was the hardest for us. We could not clean, give animals fresh water, flush, cook, and so much more. You also find out that you have to communicate with people the old fashion way, actually talk face to face. I think our world of internet and smart phones has made it so we no longer have to interact with people the old fashion way. I for one, loved running into strangers and chit chatting as we all were searching for water and ice. So I am one to have any excuse to craft and Irene gave me that chance. I made this wedding card for our neighbors. They are getting married next week. Since I had so much time on my hands, I really put a lot into this card, including time. I am more of a scrapbooker, so as my card morphed before my very eyes, I was so pleased I spent the time I did on it. Here is the front of the card:

I used an Ecstasy Craft kit for the wedding image and put that together with foam squares. I then hunted through my massive paper stash and found a piece of pearlized 12x12 paper and some American Crafts glitter cardstock in ocean. I cut down the white paper to a 5x7 card base. I then took one of my punches and created a lacy edge down the front of the card. I then took my butterfly punch and punched a butterfly and glittered it and added KaiserCraft pearls in denim for his little body. I mounted my Ecstasy Crafts image on the glitter cardstock and also cut a strip and adhered it to the inside edge of my card. I then attached my butterfly with foam squares under the wings to make it look like it was in flight and then added some more denim pearls on the bottom front of the card.
Here is the interior:

On the interior I took a piece of the leftover pearlized paper and stamped a sentiment and found a scrolly heart stamp and stamped that below the sentiment and added tiny denim pearls to each end of the scroll and in the four corners of the sentiment and mounted that on glitter cardstock. I also took one of my bonus images in my Ecstasy Crafts kit and mounted it on glitter card stock and adhered it to the interior as well. 

All in all, I am pretty pleased with my finished card and took so much time as I know the bride will save all her cards she receives.

All of these items can be purchased at Cutters Creek!


  1. Oh wow such a beautiful card.

  2. Gee, Kim, your card is beautiful and you have no reason to worry about your card-making skills.

  3. Kim, that is a beautiful card. Your neighbors will be thrilled to receive it and I'm sure it will be saved with their wedding mementos.

  4. That is a beautiful card. What do you mean you're not a card maker....look! You did an awesome job on it. I know I would be thrilled to get such a card so I bet they will treasure it.


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