Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cutters Creek Announces Guest Designers!

So I decided to do a Design Team call to get a couple guest designers to help out the Design Team while we have two members on medical leave.  I had a lot of awesome ladies apply and just wish I could have taken all of them!  But alas, I only have room for two at this time.  I hope you will enjoy their work as much as I have looking over it and admiring it.  So please welcome Tee & Pebbles!  You can read all about them HERE or go to the meet the Design Team page on our blog.  These are two lovely and talented women whom I am so very proud to have on my team.  They will begin their official Design Team duties April 1st, so keep your eyes peeled for our newest designers! If you would like to leave a comment and welcome them, I am sure they would enjoy everyone cheering them on!!

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