Friday, November 12, 2010

Glass Etching with Chris


I finally tried etching glass and am wondering whatever took me so long. I wanted to make a dish for my sister and fill it with snacks that go with the Thanksgiving Blessing. I found a free png file online with several Thanksgiving sayings and using Scal I imported the file “Give Thanks”, adjusted the size to about 3 inches and simplified the number of nodes so it would cut better. I made sure that I moved my blade about a half-inch in from the edge so I would have a border around the saying when I lifted it from the mat. I then set my cricut at a blade depth of 3, speed and pressure at 3 and cut. It cut perfectly. I did not have transfer tape, but was able to easily lift the outline of the words. I did have to use tweezers to move the inside piece of the “g” and the “a” onto the glass, but it worked out alright. (For more complicated cuttings I would recommend using transfer tape.)

I laid the vinyl on the dish and used my fingernail and an ice cream stick to rub around each letter, making sure the vinyl was pressed firmly down so no cream could get underneath. Using an old paintbrush, I put a thick coat of Armour Etch cream over the letters. While the bottle says to remove it after 5 minutes, everything I’ve read and watched online said to leave it on longer. I left it on 35 minutes. I scooped the excess cream back into the bottle using the paintbrush (learned that online too) and rinsed both the brush and the bowl under warm running water. I let it air dry and worked on the Blessing Card.


To make the Blessing Frame I used an old frame painted it with distress crackle ink; cut apart some old silk flowers and using my glossy accents glued them around the edges. The saying was printed on my computer and the title I embossed with gold embossing powder. Added a few gems and just need to fill with the snacks—and another hostess gift done!

Cutters Creek Resources:


Glass Etching Cream: Armour Etch

Vinyl Roll (color doesn’t matter for this project)

Antique Linen Distress Ink

Inkssentials Glossy Accents

Super Fine Embossing Powder--Gold

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