Saturday, May 26, 2012

Flip Flop Grad Card by Laura C

It's that time....gotta get some graduation cards done!!  Have you played with "flip flop" cards?  Fun and easy, and everyone thinks they are so cool!  (At least my kids do!  Here is the card I made for the daughter of a friend of mine:

Hopefully you can see the dimension here, and here is the other side:

This has all been decorated up with MME Be Amazing, I also used Distress Ink in Vintage Photo and Black Soot for the stamping and distressing. The hexagon border was fussy cut from the 6x6 MME Be Amazing those trendy shapes!  Then just simple Black and white twine and a button finish it off.  The bee and sentiments were stamped.  It's very simple, but fun!  It also would be very easy to make a little pocket on the back side to put in some money or a gift card. 

There are a lot of good tutorials on you tube for this style of card, but here are the details as well:

The pencil lines show the outline of the card center....I've marked where the fold lines are, and which are cut lines.  I really like just using a paper has markings that make this pretty easy....I will tell you how I lined it up, please refer to the drawing tho' spells it out really well!

Cut a piece of cardstock to 5&1/2" by 6&3/4".  Line up horizontally in your paper trimmer (just as the pic is lined up above)....line the left edge up at the 2&3/4" mark on the trimmer, and here score (with scoring blade) from the top of the cardstock down to the 1&1/4" mark (using the ruler on your trimmer blade slide).  Then score from 4&1/4" on down (again, using the ruler on your slide).  Then turn the paper around and do the same to the other side.  You should end up with the 1&1/4" area in the middle of the card as seen above....and these will be your fold lines only.  Next, you need to cut the you put the paper in your trimmer longwise this time (the 6&3/4" is vertical) lining up the left edge of the paper at the 1&1/4" mark.  Use 1&1/2" as your start (on the trimmer slide....this time with the blade to cut) and cut to 2&3/4", then lift and move the blade to the 4" mark and cut down to 5&1/4".  Flip the cardstock and repeat on the other have your 1&1/4" cuts on each side done.  Then to make the 3" long line the cardstock up with the 6&3/4" horizontally again, at the 1&1/2" mark on the trimmer, and then use the marks on the blade slide to cut from 1&1/4" to 4&1/4".  Flip and do the same on the other side.

Ok, clear as mud?  Hope not!  It sounds so odd when you write it out....but I really think the pic above spells it out!  Hey....let me know, because I will do a video for this if you would like!!

Hope you give this card a try!


  1. I love that style card a lot. And your card is awesome Laura. I remember making a template so I could cut it out on my Cricut. Not sure if I still have the template. Hugs, Fran

  2. What a great card Laura. I haven't tried a card like this yet but might just need to give it a shot

  3. Great card Laura!! Thanks for the tutorial!!


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