Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mind's Eye & Ecstasy Crafts with Kim B

My craft room seriously looks like hurricane Kim blew through it and left a mess for me to clean up!  Although I was so productive and got a lot done in a couple of days, I so need to clean up so I can begin once again.  Are you like me and are one of those crafters that loses their mojo when you can't even see your craft table any more?  Please leave me a comment regarding my project or any awesome "clean as you go tips" that you would like to share.  So on with my project!

I actually made two cards as I really loved the new My Mind's Eye papers (and more releases are coming!) that recently shipped to Cutters Creek.  I used the Follow Your Heart Be Happy 6x6 paper pad.  It is just simply scrumptious!  Both of my cards are 6x6 and I loved cutting two color blocks from one side and the cutting the other two color blocks from the other side.  This is one of the things I so love about double sided paper, you just can't go wrong!  The floral embellishment is from Ecstasy Crafts and so is the "happy birthday" in the corner.  I just love these peel off sentiments because I don't have to search for an ink pad, ink, acrylic block, etc...  And I also love that you can color these right in the sheet with your copic markers and change the color any way you want.  "Happy Birthday" started off as gold and now it is blue!

Here is my second card and it is also done with all the same products.  It just amazes me that you can get so many different looks out of the same products!  Although this time I left the sentiment gold. 

I hope you have enjoyed my cards today!  Please leave me a comment, even if it is a great "clean as you go" tip!  Thank you so much!


  1. I love both of them Kim. But the first one is my favorite out of the two. The flowers are gorgeous. Sorry I can't help you with any cleaning tips because I need help in that dept. too when it comes to my craft table. I am all over the place when I am crafting. Seriously your cards are gorgeous! Hugs, Fran

  2. Love your cards Kim. I agree with Fran... My favorite is the first one too!

  3. Beautiful cards Kim!! Hope your Mother's Day is great! : )

  4. Love the cards! I love those flowers!!!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Judy Garrelts

  5. Love both of them they are just beautiful, I have a few cleaning tips, keep like items together on your table as you work then they are easy to put away, use a carousel for frequently used items and put them back as u use them, most of all keep a trash can and scrap bin near by and use them as needed, also have a finished project bin to place your creations in until you use it or place it in an album, hope these tips help

  6. Great tips Donna! Thank you!

  7. Love the cards...pretty paper !
    My craft room is in need of re-organizing and cleaning up right now too. I try to put things away when I'm done with them but even so I often end up with extra die cuts and scrap papers that need to be put away and they collect faster than I get to them so they are in boxes and trays sitting around looking like clutter to anyone except a paper crafter. If we always wait to craft until our craft rooms are spotless I'm afraid we'd never get any crafting done.........


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