Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Gifts That Shine from Lori

Are you tired of giving the same old hostess gifts?  Stumped for an idea for the aunt who has everything?  Well, look no further!  Sparkly, shiny glassware is beautiful, and comes in all forms from decorative to practical.  What doe this have to do with Cutters Creek, you ask?  Let me tell you.

Cutters Creek has just the supplies you need to create beautiful, personalized glass items quick as a wink.  Glass etching is easy, permanent, and beautiful, and requires minimal supplies.  You can etch any glass surface, but I recommend something flat for a beginner.  For this project, I chose a glass block I've had sitting in my stash, along with a stand and a corded light.

For glass etching projects, here is all you need:
For this project, I used my Cricut Gypsy to choose a Monogram and a frame.  I cut them out of the vinyl on my Cricut Expression using the "kiss cut" method, so I cut only the vinyl and not the backing.  I weeded out the portions of the image I wanted etched.  (You can etch either the positive image or the negative space, depending on the effect you want.)  I then transferred my vinyl image onto my glass block and rubbed it down to make sure the etching cream wouldn't get underneath.

Important: Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area near water.  I worked next to my kitchen sink with the window open.  (Don't tell my hubby, though; the heat was running!) The directions on the cream say to brush it on in both directions.  I find it works best if I "pounce" on the etching cream first, then brush it up & down and side to side.  That way I make sure I get the cream in even the tiniest cut out areas.

One final tip: the directions say to rinse off the cream when you are done.  I use a plastic kitchen scraper to scrape off the majority of the cream and dump it right back in the jar for next time.  It can be reused, and if you know you're not "wasting it", you'll  be sure to use enough of the cream.

If you have any more questions about the etching cream, be sure to ask!  One of us will be sure to help answer your questions.


  1. Where can i find blocks of glass for something like this :-)

  2. I THINK mine came from either Hobby Lobby or Lowe's/Home Depot.

  3. Lori its beautiful! You did an awesome job on it. Hugs, Fran

  4. Beautiful project, Lori.....I love those glass blocks!

  5. Oh wow what a fantastic creation.

  6. Love this project. And since my last name begins with K, I can see some decorated glass blocks like this in my future. Hobby Lobby often has them on sale for half price.

  7. There are multiple sized blocks at both HL and Michaels as mentioned. I made something similar to this for Christmas presents, but used old glass blocks I found at a Habitat for Humanity store. Just an FYI.


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