Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cutters Creek Treat & My Fabulous Design Team!

A couple weeks ago, I sent my entire Design Team a little "treat" from me and asked all of them if they would be kind enough to create something and let me show off their talent.  They were all so very excited and I told them that they could use anything they wanted to use and my only stipulation was they used the product and do something geared to all those Moms out there, as Mother's Day is quickly approaching.  My hope is all their moms will be getting the gorgeous things they came up with!

As a side note, I would like you to take a moment to think of one of our Designers, Laura.  She is dealing with and ailing parent and she felt horrible that she did not get a project done.  In my book, family ALWAYS comes first and I know she would have something wonderful to show me and all of you.  The entire Design Team sends you hugs Laura, and we are all here for you and hoping you are well........

So what did I send the Cutters Creek Designers?  I sent them each a set of Cutters Creek Branded Flowers!!  They all got the Micro Roses and I sent each one of them a different color.  So here are your Cutters Creek Designers!!!  Please leave them all a comment to let them all know that they did an awesome job.  I know I think so!!!!









Didn't they do a wonderful job?  I know I am so very proud of each and everyone of them!  Cutters Creek Branded Flowers come in many colors and the Micro Roses have 15 stems (grouped in three bunches of five) that you can pull apart or leave them together with three complimentary bows.  To see them, please click HERE!  I hope everyone enjoyed the challenge I gave the Cutters Creek Design Team!!!

(Laura's project added 4/28/11)


  1. Wow, I am impressed. Everything is so pretty. You girls did a wonderful job!! Each card is so unique and the box is very pretty.

    Deanna A.

  2. Beautiful work DTs. I love those flowers.
    Hugs, Fran

  3. Love them all. Really, just beautiful and a great job!

    Mandy B.

  4. I just love how everyone's cards are SO different with the same product!!!

  5. Each absolutely beautiful and I know that their lucky Moms will love these!!! Fabulous job girls!:)

  6. Very pretty! I know each one put a lot of work and details into their shows. They are all beautiful.

  7. Chris, these are all just awesome!!

  8. What terrific projects you each did. Kim has selected a wonderfully talented design team.

  9. Those are all wonderful !! Awesome job !!

  10. They are all sooooo pretty that I can't pick a favorite because they all are!!!!

  11. These are awesome. I love everyone's take on the different version. I am also recognizing many of the paper lines. I shop too much. Great job ladies.


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