Monday, May 24, 2010

Copic Q & A: Refilling your markers ~By Laura Burleson

The first question I received before going to my certification class revolved around refilling your markers. Almost all of the Copic markers can be refilled. The exceptions are the Atyou Spicas and the black barrel liner pens. The silver barrel liner pens are refillable.

There are three basic refill methods:

Method One:

Add drops of refill ink slowly to your chisel end of the marker. Allow the marker to absorb the inks. It will drink and drink until it is "full".

Method Two:

Remove the chisel nib, and add drops of ink into your marker. Use the Copic Tweezers to remove the nib to prevent damage. Never refill your marker by removing your brush nib. The brush nib is much more delicate than the chisel end.

Method Three:

Copic makes a needle attachment that screws into the refill bottle. You can inject ink into the chisel end of the marker using the needle. The needle can be re-used, but it must be cleaned completely after each use to avoid cross contamination of your inks and markers.

A completely empty Copic Sketch marker will take 2 c.c.'s of ink. If you over-fill your marker, you can absorb some of the ink out of the tips by using an old towel or paper towel. Overfilled markers will blob when you color with them. If you know your marker is not overfilled, but it is still "blobbing", you may have a pressure problem. Remove the caps from both sides of the marker to allow the marker to equalize its pressure. This usually happens due to changes in temperature, climate, or altitude.

How do you know your marker needs to be refilled? When your nibs are white, and ink isn't flowing to the tips.

Do you have more questions about Copic Markers? Please post them! I will be happy to answer any and all questions!

Laura B. - Copic Certified Designer

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  1. Excellent! Thanks for posting this Laura - I was wondering how the heck to do that! (Not that I've emptied any of mine yet...but someday!)

  2. Thanks so much Laura! I saved this post to my copics must know folder.

  3. Thank you Laura, now I know what to do.


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