Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring Has Sprung with Chris

Flowers, flowers, and more flowers. I just love them and never know what to do with all the pictures I take. Today I got out my SCAL and Cricut Expression and decided to make a 12x12 LO. I started with a free font called StripedCaps ( and used SCAL and my cricut markers to write my title; after which I freehand cut and matted it. I then cut and glued an svg mat design over my cardstock. I needed to do a bit of trimming where my blade didn’t go through but my cutterbees served me well in the small intricate spaces.
Using Walk in My Garden, I choose several flower heads as templates. I used the hinge method discussed on the web ( and cut patterns for the each of the photos. I taped a scrap piece of cardstock to my mat along the outside edge and then carefully noted the left/right and in/out numbers of where I began cutting. When the cut was done I hit load paper, removed the cut pieces and fit my photo into the cut image adjusting until I had it just right. I then flipped the paper out of the way and returned the carriage to the numbers I wrote down and cut the photos. The starflower, blossom, and coneflower mats were cut at 3.25 inches. I then cut a shadowed piece of each flower to mat the photos on. The iris top and shadow was cut at 7” and the hydrangea heads (shift key) were cut at 9”.
Once all the flowers were matted and glued down I knew I wanted to use some Flower Soft. So I took the four small petals that cut with the hydrangea, popped them with pop dots and dotted on some dark lavender and light lavender. On the pink flower I dotted the stamen in the center and added some citrus crush ultra fine Flower Soft. I absolutely love the fine grains of this product. I had a leftover purple flower from the inside of the starflower—waste not, want not—that I also dotted with flower soft and added 3 felt flowers from my stash and it’s done.

Cutters Creek Resources:
Cricut Expression
Cricut Color Inks
Walk In My Garden Cricut cartridge
Flower Soft: dark and light lavender, citrus crush

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  1. These flower are gorgeous! You did a fantastic job!


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